Hello, my name is Joe

I am a Digital Designer & Developer

Hello, my name is Joe

I am a Digital Designer & Developer

Welcome to my site.

Joe is a digital designer and developer. He is fond of photography, creating digital experiences, all things web and talking in third person.

From a young age Joe was interested in design; he didn’t quite know what he wanted to do, but he knew that it would be something creative. Joe started creating graphics and playing around with web design in his early teens and decided that this is what he wanted to do. Although he didn’t know a lot about the business and how to get the knowledge, he was very eager to learn.

Fast forwarding a few years; Joe had made a few website designs and had experience with graphics for a while… He wanted to learn more. So he started to learn how to develop his ideas. From developing these ideas through HMTL and CSS Joe met a company called EcceMedia. The guys at EcceMedia were a massive inspiration to Joe. They taught him further skills in design and development, from this he also learnt about the business side of digital media.

Joe now works at a company in Soho, London. Zone is a print production, digital media and advertising company. Working here as a digital designer and developer, CGI enthusiast and full time nerd.

Joe is always eager to take on new and exciting projects. If you want to find out more information visit the blog or contact him here.

Coding Languages

Projects Created

Years of experience

Trips around the sun

I am competent in both web-design & development, designing new and fresh websites with good UI/UX in mind whilst developing the site and a back-end suitable for clients to be able to update and add content.

Hand-coded, professionally packaged.

Branding is something that I have always enjoyed; whether it be for a startup company or an already well-established one. Logo design, typography and colour scheming to create the correct feel for each individual company.

Digital Advertising is the future of advertising; whilst I fully understanding HTML and Video production there are a lot of options and techniques that can be used to create beautiful looking ads, banners and interactive elements. I also have the ability to create CGI elements and compositions using programs such as Cinema 4D, Maya and Boujou whilst composing a wide variety of animatics in Adobe After Effects.

I am fully able to edit, timeline and colour grade professional video at any resolution. Working with programs such as Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and Davinci Resolve whilst having a large knowledge of encoding.

Creating professional end products.

Photography is a passion of mine, using a wide variety of cameras, glass and lighting to create beautiful results. Able to understand cameras and frame shots professionally.

I am an able editor and have a large knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom; enabling me to work on images post-shoot.

I can offer a wide variety of Technical Support beyond “Turn it off and turn it back on”, solving many issues with Macs, PCs and Mobile Devices.

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